Working Better, Together

Michigan Engineering is a great place to work, and it’s no secret that our ~750 staff are a smart, talented group of people. Still, what would it mean for you to feel just a little happier in your job? More engaged? Like you’re an active part of shaping the future of this place? It’s going to take collaborating outside our boxes, but sometimes it might not feel like we have permission or know how to do that.

Developed by staff, for staff – this pilot program aims to change that by enhancing creativity, innovation and daring.

There are many ways to participate, so please check out the opportunities below, talk with your manager and get involved.


Get matched with two other CoE staff for a 30-minute conversation. Meetings are casual and friendly, and offer the opportunity to network or meet a new friend. LEARN MORE

Culture is key

Our 2020 strategic plan focuses on culture and the College is supporting this pilot with enthusiasm, personnel, and financial resources. To make an impact, we need you.