Here are some ideas that people are kicking around.  Interested?  Sign up for Dare to Do.

Caregiving and work culture at the College

We have two-parent working families, single parents, grown children caring for their own parents, and “sandwich” parents responsible for elder and childcare. Let’s make it easy to find out about other modified schedule options.

Connect international students with CoE staff, faculty, and families

The program would match international students who are interested in establishing a mentoring and friendship relationship with a local family (or single individual) using a simple matching plan. 

Mentor/colleague shadowing program

Staff could exchange knowledge by working with a mentor or colleague in one of our “sister” departments in engineering or at another college.

Room reservations

Develop a room reservation system for all of North Campus

Equipment inventory

Develop a College of Engineering equipment inventory

Make use of hidden resources

For example, use the video game archive in Duderstadt Center, and create “pop up” gaming stations around finals to help students decompress

Form a community of practice

Gather a small group of event planning staff from across the college to exchange information and increase everyone’s skill – this could be some sort of knowledge-sharing event (e.g., have speakers give short lightning talks on how a few types of events were executed from start to finish).

Having a welcoming campus community

Organize a group of staff who regularly attends events across the college (e.g., lectures, MDP Design Expo, dissertation defenses, professorship ceremonies), with the goal of making the events more approachable to new staff or individuals with no connections to the speaker/department/topic.

Wayfinding app

Develop a GPS-based app to find rooms in all the North Campus buildings 

Streamline course approval

Create a university-wide course approval system to modify or introduce a course

5k run/walk

Create an annual College of Engineering 5k – run/walk on North Campus

Timesheet assistant

Determine how managers can better help their reports maximize time off benefits while navigating major life events