Creating Conversations

“Conversations build relationships. Relationships build value.” – Richard Sheridan, from his book Joy, Inc.

It’s science. Research shows that the more we get together, the happier we’ll be!

Healthy organizations are connected, where people know each other and are not afraid to ask questions. Meeting new people sparks fresh ideas, interests and ways of doing things.  That’s our goal here, and we’ve made it easy for you to participate by following these three simple steps:

  1. Sign up to get randomly matched with two other staff members from different parts of the College for a 30-minute conversation.
  2. Meet and talk about whatever comes up, or, match with staff who have specific skills or shared interests. Get a glimpse of the true depth and breadth of this place.
  3. Enjoy the perks – if you participate in three conversations, your bravery will be rewarded with $10.00 in Blue Bucks added to your Mcard.

Go for it – be a little daring! If it goes well, rinse and repeat. But, please note, one meet-up per month is the maximum we’re able to help you with.

Sign Up for Conversations

A few details

  • Please let your manager know you want to sign up.
  • The trio gets to choose where they meet – for their convenience.
  • Sorry, the bill is on you if you choose to snack or caffeinate during the meetup.
  • But don’t forget – three meetups gets you a gift card.
  • There is no expectation that the trio interacts after the conversation.
  • A three question follow up survey is all we ask in return.
  • Need more information? Contact us.