Creating Conversations

Creating Conversations

Conversations build relationships. Relationships build value.” – Richard Sheridan, “Joy, Inc.”

Healthy organizations are connected, where people know each other and are not afraid to ask questions. Meeting new people sparks fresh ideas, interests, and ways of doing things.

Creating Conversation program evaluations sent in over the last 18 months show that 87% of participants got to meet at least one new person each round and 83% felt more connected to other staff at Michigan Engineering.

Comments from Creating Conversation evaluations

“This has been really nice as a new staff member (and someone who is new to higher ed). Thank you!”

“This was one of my favorite conversations. We all connected very well and I learned quite a bit about my fellow CoE friends.”

That’s the goal here, and we’ve made it easy for you to participate by following these three steps:

  1. Sign up to get matched with two other staff members from different parts of the college for a 30-minute conversation.
  2. Meet for 30 min virtually or in person to talk about whatever comes up.
  3. Automatically matched again every other month. 
  4. Fill out a super short program evaluation to let us know what’s working well, and what might need some work.


  • Participants will be randomly matched into trios with no repeated companions over 12 months
  • Conversations rounds will take place every other month, making 6 chances to meet during an academic year. That means you and your matches have 2 months to find a good time and place to get acquainted.
  • You can drop out or pause your participation at any time.

A few details

Sign Up for Conversations

  • Please let your supervisor know you want to sign up.
  • The trio gets to choose how they meet (most do virtual) – for their convenience.
  • Sorry, the bill is on you if you choose to snack or caffeinate during the meetup.
  • There is no expectation that the trio interacts after the conversation.
  • Need more information? Contact us.